Abazović: Đurović was an excellent choice for minister

Dritan Abazović

Mr Goran Đurović was an excellent choice for the defense minister, and even better as a man, noted the Leader of the Civic Movement URA, Mr Dritan Abazović.

Executive Director of the company ‘Cerovo’, Mr Goran Đurović, said yesterday that Prime Minister-designate, Mr Zdravko Krivokapić, had informed him that he [Krivokapić] had to choose another candidate for defense minister 10 minutes before he presented the composition of the new government.

“I hereby wish to confirm his yesterday’s allegations. Mr Goran Đurović gave a lot to Montenegro and the best is yet to come,” Mr Abazović tweeted.

He added that Mr Đurović is an extraordinary manager, humanitarian and pacifist. He possesses great knowledge and is able to understand other people’s needs.

“It’s the kind of people Montenegro needs the most,” stressed Mr Abazović.

He added that he respected the decision of the Politikon Network Executive Director, Ms Jovana Marović, who gave up on her candidacy for Montenegro’s Chief Negotiator with the European Union.

In addition, he congratulated Ms Olivera Injac on her candidacy, adding that he was well familiar with her professional background.



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