After meeting in Sarajevo, a joint statement of political representatives of the Bosniaks issued

Foto: Radio Sarajevo

A working meeting gathering political representatives of the Bosniaks from the region was held yesterday in Sarajevo. Apart from numerous representatives of the Bosniaks from B-H, the meeting was attended by representatives of the Bosniaks from Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, North Macedonia and Kosovo.

Following the meeting, they issued a joint statement noting that “it was an extremely important step toward the improvement of communication, strengthening of ties and establishment of better cooperation among the Bosniaks residing in the Western Balkans”.

They all backed the draft Declaration on Equal Approach that was adopted at a similar meeting in North Macedonia last year. As they note, after the meetings in Skopje and Podgorica, it was particularly important that Bosnia and Herzegovina and political representatives of the Bosniaks from B-H are the hosts of such a work meeting.

With this meeting, they add, it has been confirmed that all Bosniaks who see B-H as their home country can count on it, its institutions and Bosniak political representatives.

They especially indicate their respect for the territorial integrity and sovereignty of all the countries of the Bosniak representatives who attended the meeting, adding that they’ve been committed to cooperating and good neighbourly relations with all the countries, as well as the cooperation with the existing institutional framework.

The attendees also reflected on the ratification of the agreement that guarantees the free movement on the territory of the WB, which was agreed as part of the Berlin Process. The visa regime between B-H and Kosovo particularly affects the Bosniaks who live in these two countries, and as they conclude, it’s necessary to do everything possible to ensure their free movement.

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