Albanian parties and Democrats form unnatural coalition

Nikola Gegaj

Member of the Main Board of the Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS), Mr Nikola Gegaj, said that the current President of DPS, Mr Milo Đukanović, should continue lading the party after the Congress, regardless of whether he had an opponent or not.

“Contribution Mr Đukanović has made, his quality and experience as undisputed leader in Montenegro and beyond, make him the best DPS leader in the forthcoming period as well. In my opinion, the majority of members would give him a vote, even he had competition”, said Mr Gegaj.

Mr Gegaj says that DPS is a very stable political subject.

“Along with the organization, it’s very important for us to know who are the people performing specific functions at the central and local level and how they do their job. In tat context, inter-party elections are very important and we take them seriously. Members of DPS are people who are facing real life in their families and communities and are constantly working on improving living conditions in their country. I’m proud to say that all boards have been refreshed. Parliamentary elections are very important and our approach is, therefore, comprehensive. We don’t see opposition parties as opponents and we are always willing to cooperate or the sake of Montenegro’s prosperity”, said Mr Gegaj.

DPS has lost local elections Tuzi. Mr Gegaj says they didn’t see that as defeat.

“Individually, we are still the strongest political subject in Tuzi, with most mandates and votes. Although, it was not enough for us to exercise power in the municipality. Albanian parties were given a chance to prove themselves as promoters of progress. We see the post-election situation as great and valuable experience. Democratic system in the world is formed on the basis of position and opposition. We are now doing our best to support the activities of the municipality so that we can be a strong coordinating connection between central and local authorities. However, I don’t see any significant progress and effect of local Albanian parties” , said Mr Gegaj.

The fact that Albanian parties have partnered up with Democrats while constituting the Government is a mathematical solution, says Mr Gegaj.

“I’m sure we would be their reliable coalition partner, as usual. Albanian forum has made a coalition with Democrats even though they are just a political offspring of the party which stormed Tuzi, a product of the party which had formed the 7th battalion. They are those who voted against independent municipality of Tuzi. That’s why I find that coalition unnatural”, says Mr Gegaj.

Mr Gegaj thinks that the Serbian Orthodox Church and statements concerning the “great Albania” have a negative influence and don’t contribute to the establishment of stable relations between Albanians and Serbs.

“I will say this again: “great Albania is a vague project of the distant past which is being used now in order to incite hatred and disharmony. I have never heard any important politician supporting such an idea. Only marginals can come up with something like that. Finally, I’d like to point out that I belong to DPS, a party which is committed to the preservation of peace, multi-ethnic harmony and tolerance in Montenegro”, concluded Mr Gegaj.


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