Another successful exhibition of achievements in the area of robotics and 3D technology

Međunarodni sajam tehnike i tehničkih dostignuća u Beogradu

The greatest achievements in the area of robotics and 3D technology have been presented at this year’s International trade fair of technique and technical achievements in Belgrade, said the engineer in Montenegrin Electricity Distribution System (CEDIS) , Mrs Margita Miljanić.

This is the 63rd fair and it featured tools used in everyday activities. Visitors were mostly interested in the presentation of the application of drones in different technological spheres.

“The fair is the place where achievements and innovation in different technical and technological areas are being showcased. The organization was a major success and Russians and Chinese were dominant among foreign exhibitors. There were achievements in the area of robotics, automatics, machines, tools, different software, 3D and laser technology”, said Mrs Miljanić.

Place of changes

Mr Boris Femić, an engineer, points out that trade is the place for the promotion of revolutionary changes in the ways of operation in companies and industries.

“Conception emphasis of the trade fair was put on the innovation and new technologies which are permeated into great number of professional areas. Such events are educational, interesting and useful, as a great number of foreign and domestic exhibitors take part”, said Mr Femić.

This experience in Belgrade was important for the engineers of Montenegrin Electricity Distribution system, as they were able to find expert literature in free sale.

“We could find literature we are interested in, all in one place. This trade fair was marked with robotics this year and that’s the area which is being developed at great speed and is applied in different life spheres”, said Mr Vladimir Ivanović., a visitor.

More than 100 novelties

CEDIS delegation had the opportunity to see more than 100 novelties at the trade fair.

“New products of Loznica Electro and Rade Končar factory have been presented. There were many exhibitors of machinery and robotics, said the member of the delegation”, Mr Marko Mugoša.

Loznica Electro company presented the most contemporary achievements in the domain of one-way voltage and AKU battery, as well as the product of voltage cells for the internal assembly.

Mr Ivan Mumin, an engineer from Belgrade attended the trade fair for the first time and was very happy.

“I am very satisfied with the exhibitors, they were so kind and willing to answer our questions. We could see how the production processed have become so simple with the development of new technologies and how sophisticated modern technologies are”, said Mr Mumin.

Having a whale of time in Belgrade

Mr Marko Mugoša says that after the exhibitions, they visited Belgrade sites.

“In three days we managed to see cultural and historical heritage of Belgrade. Such reunions should become a tradition”, says Mr Mugoša.


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