Bar is the first municipality to settle debt through reprogram

The Municipality of Bar has settled all liabilities through reprogramming tax debt and public enterprises.

“In respect of taxes and contributions of employees, the debt of the municipality amounted to €1.898.672, debt of the activities of the Public Utility activities amounted to €4.088.466 and PI Water Supply and Sewerage system had debt amounting to €334.187”, representatives of the Municipality said.

Agreement on reprogramming envisaged that the Municipality should settle the total amount of €6.321.325 for the period of five years, starting from July 2015 until June 2020.

“These liabilities were top priority of the municipality and were settled on a regular basis, in monthly annuities, demonstrating great fiscal discipline which led to the consolidation of municipal finances”.

In February 2015, Government approved reprogramming of tax debt in respect of taxes and contributions on the salaries of employees.

The Municipality of Bar is the first municipality to settle liabilities through reprogramming.


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