Behind the curtain: Knežević involved in weapons smuggling in Iran?

Behind the curtain: Knežević involved in weapons smuggling in Iran?
Duško Knežević (Foto: Screenshot TV Aldžazira)

Is it possible that behind the ‘Carbon’ case that the Special State Prosecutor’s Office has been investigating, there’s another deal worth over 2 billion euro in which Duško Knežević, a businessman at large, has been involved? According to reliable information of CdM and Dnevne Novine daily, operational data obtained through cooperation with the FBI and other international investigative teams show that there is a reason to suspect that carbon smuggling actually has a lot to do with weapons smuggling and Duško Knežević is suspected of taking part in it.

“Investigation of the international teams shows that it’s not about carbon smuggling but rather about an illegal sale of weapons, in which Duško Knežević was involved through his companies and banks, as well as through other banks not in his possession. The money was transferred through some Arab states,“ a source close to Dnevne Novine daily said.

The information about weapons smuggling and Duško Knežević’s involvement in it was published by CdM portal on Thursday.

“Investigation shows that organizer of these illegal operations was businessman Duško Knežević and that weapons were placed on marker through personal license that referred to trade of one type of legal chemical substance.”

Security services suspect that it is an illegal sale of weapons in Iran.

The Special State Prosecutor’s Office still hasn’t said anything about the case, while the U.S. Embassy yesterday told CdM that “based on their policy, they do not make comments on the issues related to criminal cases”.





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