Bošković: Attacks on Montenegrin independence are doomed to fail

Predrag Bošković

Today Montenegro is celebrating 14 years of the restoration of its independence. A lot has been achieved, but the challenges are still numerous. The country is exposed to attacks. Minister of Defense, Mr Predrag Bošković, says that Montenegro has been target of some structures for many years, those structures that want to bring Montenegro back under the skirts of the great Serbia.

“This year also started with fierce attacks because this is election year. The fist of the attack is Serbian Orthodox Church. Within campaigns that have been created at specific addresses in Serbia and Russia for years, we see constant meddling in our internal affairs and rampant disinformation campaign on daily basis”, Mr Bošković points out.

That intense tempo of fake information is aimed at jeopardizing safety. However, our citizens clearly distinguish the truth from propaganda.

“Attempts to undermine our independence are doomed to fail. Our response to every future attempt will be peaceful, determined and dignified”, Mr Bošković says.

Minister adds that dealing with the consequences of the coronavirus epidemic is a very special and demanding phase.

Mr Bošković points out that Montenegro has done great job so far.

“When I reflect on those days and our collective determination, persistence and efficiency, I firmly believe that we are going to get through all future challenges and provide high-quality living conditions for our citizens”, Mr Bošković said.

As far as Montenegro’s achievements over the past 14 years are concerned, Mr Bošković has no dilemma – results are excellent in numerous areas and particularly in the area of defense and security.

“Our journey has been very difficult, full of sacrifice and struggles”, Mr Bošković says.

We are resisting all the attacks and we are ready for every new challenge, Minister says.

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