Bošković: Nobody from the governing structure would ever think to become involved in protests in Serbia

Minister of Defense, Mr Predrag Bošković, has been asked about allegations that individuals from Montenegro took part in the protests in Serbia and said that nobody from the governing structure would ever even think to become involved in the protests in that country.

“I am sure there were some Montenegrin nationals there, but none of them can be related to the Government of Montenegro. I guess you should look for the answer somewhere else. We are concerned about  what’s going on here and we are dealing with accumulated challenges and everything that lies ahead”, Mr Bošković said.

In reference to the elections schedule for 30 August, Mr Bošković said that “elections will definitely take place on that day”.

“Everything we did was to curb the pandemic. We must take care of the economy, that’s why we are responding with a different strategy in this second wave of infection. I am sure elections will be held on 30 August. The way I see the situation, we are going to learning how live with this virus and organize our lives in the best way possible”, Mr Bošković said.

Asked if they are going to activate request for help submitted to NATO and withdrawn on 19 June this year, Minister said that the Government kept the situation under control.


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