Bošković: The 2016 scenario planned again hiding under the cloak of religion

What’s happening these days and the way in which some structures wish to subdue Montenegro to the Belgrade’s and Moscow’s regime is just a perfidious game played under the cloak of the Serbian Orthodox Church, defense minister, Predrag Bošković, said in the parliament today.

“All their attempts from 2006 to this day, with the same matrix, a little bit different logistics and usage of different proxies in Montenegro, primarily the political parties, proved to be miserable and condemned as a disaster,” underlined minister Bošković during the debate on the proposal for the law on military intelligence and security affairs.

Before his statement, the Democratic Front MP, Jovan Vučurović, told that some structures were rushing to pass the law thus aiming to “set up another structure of state security service close to the Democratic Party of Socialists,” ahead of some significant events in Montenegro.

Reacting on these assessments, Mr Bošković noted that the 2016 scenario has been repeating just under somewhat different circumstances, adding that the citizens of Montenegro have been well aware of it.

“On 30 August, they [citizens] will vote for what is best for themselves and their families and what leads them to a civilized society,” said the Minister, adding that today’s debate represented mostly a political campaign, whereas the proposal for the law was least tackled.




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