Bošković: Vulin’s behavior is tragicomic

Bošković: Vulin’s behavior is tragicomic

Montenegro’s Defense Minister, Mr Predrag Bošković, said from Brussels that Mr Aleksandar Vulin’s behavior, his Serbian counterpart, “is tragicomic”.

“If he wasn’t Serbian Defense minister, it would be funny. But it’s tragicomic and his national-socialism jeopardizes Serbia’s interests. Just like this political performance he presented yesterday in Montenegro”, Mr Bošković said.

Serbian delegation, headed by Mr Vulin, intended to enter Montenegro wearing military uniforms. But since they didn’t get authorization of the Montenegrin authorities, they came in civilian suits.

Mr Bošković said that Montenegro “respects Serbia and every Serbian authority”.

Mr Bošković says that the fact that Vulin placed himself among anti-Montenegrin elements “is his problem”.

“If Serbian state authorities are ok with that, we are OK with that too”, Minister says.

No polemic with Risto Radović

Asked to comment on the remarks made by Metropolitan Amfilohije, in relation to the fact Mr Bošković failed to attend the requiem dedicated to Defense minister of the former Yugoslavia, Pavle Bulatović, Mr Bopković said he wouldn’t enter into polemic with Risto Radović.

“As far as his statement is concerned, I really don’t want to start polemic with Risto Radović. He has right to think whatever he wants. I will let citizens see who uses personal and family tragedies for gaining some kind of personal or political benefits”, Minister Bošković pointed out.



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