Bošković: We want Russia and NATO to have better relations

Softening relations between Russia and NATO is in the interest of Montenegro as well, said the Minister of Defense, Predrag Bošković.

On the occasion of the anniversary of NATO accession, Mr Bošković said in the “Fokus” TV show that Montenegro had achieved its first foreign political objective and started thinking about itself and its future. He added that NATO door was open for other WB countries.

“We’ve been trying to convince everybody, not only in the region but in Russia too, that Montenegrin NATO membership doesn’t jeopardize anybody’s interests. We are guided by our own national interests”, said Minister Bošković.

However, Russia fails to show understanding.

“That won’t stop us from adopting democratic values because future of Montenegro and its citizens lies in developed democracies”, said Mr Bošković.

Commenting on the relations between Russia and NATO, Minister said that the relations had been through several phases. After the events in Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine they’ve become more strained.

“That relationship is frozen now. But we all want it to be melted, we all want issues at global and political stage to be tackled by dialogue, not use of force”, said Minister of Defense.



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