Božović: Serbian officials see Montenegro’s statehood as temporary

Ratko Božović

Montenegro must ensure dialogue about the religious freedom law. It’d be the best if all the interested parties can take part in it. We must not forget that Montenegro is a secular state with mixed identities and that religious communities represent hubs for equal and free believers. As for the Montenegrin religion law, a Serbian president cannot make decisions about it. I suppose it’s enough that he is making decisions in his own country, a university professor – sociologist, Prof. Dr Ratko Božović, told in an interview with Dnevne Novine daily.

When asked to comment on a chain of reactions and attacks on Montenegro by the Serbian Orthodox Church, Serbian officials, intellectuals and academics, Prof. Božović said that Serbia’s reaction was merely imprudent stirring increased tensions thus “leaving no room for any rational actions”.

He continued: “In most cases their judgments, not to say prejudices, were wrong. Harsh words again dominated along with the sense of vulnerability and deprivation. And all this happened in the light of numerous statements by the Serbian political and state officials, saying that the previous government had allowed Montenegro to regain its independence which would not have happened with the existing one. If we also consider the feelings of public figures who see the Montenegrin statehood as temporary, that is, while Milo Đukanović is staying in power, we can figure out how we get these euphoric and exaggerated reactions.”





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