Brajović with the Igman Initiative Delegation: Good neighborly relations are priority

Good neighborly relations and stable regional cooperation are priorities of the foreign policy of Montenegro, said the President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Ivan Brajović in the meeting with the delegation of the Igman Initiative.

The delegation consists of Mr Zoran Pusić from Croatia, Mr Aleksandar Popov from Serbia, Mr Vehid Šehić from Bosnia and Herzegovina and Mr Branislav Radulović and Mr Branko Lukovac from Montenegro.

Mr Brajović reminded that the Igman Initiative had been making significant contribution to restoring trust and tolerance, improvement of neighborly relations as well as overcoming all types of discrimination in the countries signatories to the Dayton Agreement.

“It’s important that we can share positive experience. This meeting is important for sharing positive practice and preserving achievements of the Initiative made so far”, said Mr Brajović.


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