Camouflage nets and stretchers for use in the war in Ukraine can’t be sent through Serbia anymore

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A total of 200 stretchers and more than 4.100 square metres of camouflage nets were sent to Ukraine for both its army and citizens from Montenegro over the past year, Radio Free Europe has published.

About 40 Ukrainian women – volunteers – who have been living in Montenegro, have weaved textiles into camouflage nets for use in the war in Ukraine.

“They use these nets to cover the wounded while waiting for the evacuation, but soldiers as well, while they’re taking some rest. The nets make them invisible for Russian drones, because, when you’re covered with it, they aren’t able to make difference between a person and an object,” Head of the Ukrainian Centre in Podgorica, Oksana Kyiashko, explains to Radio Free Europe.

So far, they have been sending this equipment through Serbia and Romania.

However, the official Belgrade recently banned its transportation over Serbia’s territory.

Although the Customs Administration of Serbia says there are no limitations when it comes to the flow of goods over their territory to Ukraine, they’ve confirmed for Radio Free Europe that the items were returned.

“On 18 February this year, a physical person tried to transport military equipment in a passenger car, while according to valid rules, the military transportation can be done only in commercial traffic, that is, it can’t be treated as goods for personal use.”

As they add, the parcel was returned in line with the law, “just like any other country would return it from their border”.

Neither the Government of Serbia nor the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia have commented on the matter.

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