Carević: URA movement bothered with priests in Budva, while their leader goes to Ostrog monastery to negotiate over positions in a new govt

President of the Municipality of Budva, Mr Marko Carević, commented on the attacks of certain political parties, especially the civic URA movement after he brought priests to burn incense in the municipal building several days ago. He was surprised to hear about URA’s comments, as “their leader went to Ostrog monastery to negotiate over armchairs [positions]”.

“It’s strange that we hear something like that from URA movement. Their leader visited Ostrog monastery and that was okay, as they were negotiating over armchairs [positions] in the govt. I don’t see why there’s so much fuss about a priest coming to a municipal building. It’s allowed and I believe everyone can do the same,” Mr Carević told RTV Budva on Friday.

He further explained he’d done it for 5,700 voters who supported the bloc For the Future of Budva.



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