Committee meeting disrupted due to lack of quorum

Today’s meeting of the Committee on the Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation was marked with marked by members leaving the Committee. Dissatisfied because his proposal didn’t go down, Mr Raško Konjević, member OF SDP, left the meeting first. Members of Democrats, Mr Momo Koprivica and Mr Danilo Šaranović left soon after Mr Konjević and then Mr Neđeljko Rudović did the same. The meeting was disrupted.

Members of Democratic Montenegro, Mr Koprivica and Mr Šaranović, came to attend the meeting for the first time.

Photo: CdM

After Mr Genci Numanbegu, vice president of the Parliament, said that he praised the agreement between the DPS and the Democrats by, Mr Šaranović said that there was no such agreement.

“There has never been any agreement between DPS and Democrats. And there will never be”, said Mr Šaranović.

Photo: CdM

Member of SDP board, Mr Raško Konjević, asked for the meeting to be adjourned in order for the Administrative Board to provide its opinion on the proposal submitted of the Special caucus of MPs regarding the Committee composition.

Photo: CdM

Mr Boris Mugoša, member of SD, said that he would abstain although he supported Mr Konjević’s proposal.

Photo: CdM

“We must find acceptable solution regarding the composition of the Committee”, said Mr Koprivica.

Photo: CdM

Mr Neđeljko Rudović said that every member of the Committee believed that political dialogue was a way to go.

Mr Konjević proposal was rejected and he left the meeting.

“There’s no quorum now since only 10 members are present. We need 11″, said Mr Koprivica.

“That’s not true”, reacted Mr Gvozdenović.

“This s a specific working body, it has particular decision-making process. We can’t proceed”, claims Mr Koprivica.

“We want to work and we don’t obstruct”, said Mr Gvozdenović.

Mr Koprivica and Mr Šaranović left the meeting.

Photo: CdM

“The activities of the Committee are jeopardized. I request that Administrative Board provides its opinion on the request submitted by Special caucus”, said Mr Rudović and then left the meeting.

Mr Nimanbegu called on everybody to assume political responsibility.

Mr Dragan Koprivica, from CDT, asked for the meeting to be held tomorrow.

“We must not delay anymore. We must be constructive”, said Mr Koprivica.

Mr Gvozdenović reiterated they were ready to work.


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