Dačić laments the destiny of Knin Serbs, while he himself shaped it

Ivica Dačić

After Serbia’s foreign affairs minister, Ivica Dačić, commented on the announced attendance of representatives of Montenegro at the ‘morbid party’ on Knin fortress where the ‘Storm’ action was going to be celebrated, the Montenegrin Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted, noting that Montenegro has been used to constant laments over the destiny of Knin Serbs by those same people who had shaped it, primarily Serbia’s diplomatic chief.

“Unfortunately, it’s no longer a surprise that Montenegro has joined the only country in Europe that celebrates the ethnic cleansing of its own citizens. The current government in Podgorica has gone too far in spreading anti-Serbian policy, so after recognizing Kosovo and threats that they’d call NATO to defend them from Serbia and persecution of the Serbian Orthodox Church, SPC, this morbid party about to happen on Knin Fortress is completely logical,“ Mr Dačić told the Serbian daily Večernje Novosti.

After that, Montenegro’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs reacted and assessed that the public in the region once again had the opportunity to witness his attempt to comment on every movement and every statement of officials and institutions in the countries of the region, especially when their statements are inconsistent with his own political beliefs.




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