Democrats will be part of the Committee

With the mediation of the Head of EU Delegation to Montenegro, Mr Aivo Orav, it was agreed yesterday after a set of meetings with representatives of political parties that Democrats should delegate representatives who will be part of the Committee on the Reform of Electoral Legislation.

President of the Parliament of Montenegro, Mr Ivan Brajović, scheduled today an extraordinary parliament meeting with only one item on the agenda – Draft Decision on the Amendments to the Decision on the Establishment of the Committee on the Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation. The main reason for the meeting is the expansion of the Committee.

Democratic Party of Socialists (DPS) is going to propose a document today they said was going to be “acceptable” to Democrats.

In a statement produced last night, Democrats reiterated the same requests they had presented last year.

In cases where a consensus is impossible and members of the Committee support the proposed solution (11 out of 14 members of the Committee), such solution shall be adopted regardless of the fact consensus hasn’t been reached. That’s one of the key amendments Democrats requested.

Members of DPS will state their opinion today, in the meeting.

Brussels wants everybody to take part in the reform of electoral legislation.


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