Dismissal, resolution, accusations, immorality, threats with paramilitary units…

Jelena Božović

Events on the Montenegrin political stage are becoming more intense, having in mind everything that happened over the past week. 

A DF MP threatens to form paramilitary units and other top 10 stories you might have missed this week.

1.DF MP threatens to form paramilitary units to protect the SPC

“These events upset a great part of the Montenegrin public, particularly the SPC worshippers. It’s about a small group of hooligans. I urge the police and the minister to react and apprehend these people, ensure adequate police protection, which would protect the Cetinje monastery, so that we avoid forming some paramilitary units to be able to protect the Serbian Orthodox Church, SPC,” she said.

2.DF activists arrived at the Old Royal Capital, Cetinje residents chased them away.

They were led by the Director of the Budva Municipal Company, Mr Predrag Drago Ivanovic, followed by his staff and other Democratic Front activists. Cetinje residents couldn’t hide their resentment so they chased them away. 

3.Vladimir Leposavic dismissed, Democrats abstained

MPs in the Parliament of Montenegro, on the request of PM Zdravko Krivokapic, dismissed the Minister of Justice and Human and Minority rights, Mr Vladimir Leposavic.

4.Heated debate in the parliament: Discussion on Leposavic’s dismissal finished

After MPs finished the discussion over Minister Leposavic’s dismissal, the PM, in his final address, said that there was immorality in the parliament thus provoking strong reaction from MPs. 

5.Krivokapic in the parliament: There’s immorality in the parliament; MPs: Shame on you

A heated debate erupted in the Montenegrin parliament when PM Zdravko Krivokapic told MPs that “there’s immorality in the parliament”. 

6.Talks between citizens and Gojko Perovic erupted

After Cetinje residents visited the Cetinje monastery, the Metropolitanate reacted, stating that their representative didn’t know they were supposed to contact the National Cultural Heritage Administration in order to regularly maintain the sanitary knot.

7.Upseting scenes: A father of two arrested in Podgorica, kids don’t want to go to their mother 

An upsetting footage showing the police arresting a single dad, Mr Tomas Boskovic, of two kids went viral on social media.

8.“Encounter” between Krivokapic and Biden

Following the tweet of PM Zdravko Krivokapic telling that he had met with the U.S. President, Joe Biden on the sidelines of the NATO Summit in Brussels and photo attached to the tweet, social media were flooded with comments of citizens.

9.Tensions in Podgorica run high: Police prevented clashes between patriots and SPC worshippers 

The Podgorica police prevented clashes between participants of patriotic gatherings and worshippers of the Serbian Orthodox Church in front of the Christ resurrection temple in Podgorica. 

10.Lekic about PM: I urge the parliamentary majority to withdraw support to this clown. He doesn’t have mine anymore.

Following the statement of PM Zdravko Krivokapic in the Parliament of Montenegro, that there’s immorality in that building, the leader of Demos, Mr Miodrag Lekic, said that the PM didn’t have his support any more, urging others to withdraw their support to him.



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