Đukanović: PM Marković’s meeting with Metropolitan Amfilohije is encouraging

The first meeting between Prime Minister Duško Marković and Metropolitan Amfilohije is encouraging, as the experience shows no solution can be reached without talks, said Montenegro President, Milo Đukanović, for the public broadcaster, TVCG. Readiness for discussion means readiness to hear arguments that would prove some starting points were wrong, having in mind that the opinion of the State and the Serbian Orthodox Church, SPC, concerning the religious freedom law quite differ.


“I believe that this is the only possible way to overcome misunderstandings, to bring in a better mutual understanding, to contribute to reducing tensions that have erupted completely unreasonably in the Montenegrin society,” the President said.

Following the Munich Security Conference, President Đukanović assessed that this year’s event again confirmed that security represents the European and world’s core topic – a center where all modern processes are being monitored and where the increasingly uncertain future is being discussed, as we live in a world with more and more weapons and weaker security.

“This was another successful security forum where a number of warnings could be heard, which, I believe, decision makers, especially on the global and the European plan as well, will know to appreciate, and based on which they will make decisions in order to strengthen stability and security in the world and open a perspective of better democratic and economic development,” Mr Đukanovic said.

Focus of the international community again placed on the Western Balkans

President Đukanović assessed that the Munich Security Conference was an opportunity for holding one of the most representative meetings about the WB.

“It was a gathering attended by leaders of the Western Balkan countries, high-ranking representatives of the EU and member states, high representatives of the United States, and also representatives from expert and diplomatic circles. As it was a closed meeting, it’s impossible to talk about its contents but all I want to say is that we had a discussion with encouraging tones.“

Montenegro is absolutely capable of solving its internal issues in a democratic way

The Conference, according to the President, was an opportunity for holding a series of bilateral meetings on its sidelines, which he used to inform his interlocutors about “what remains the strategic direction of further state-political development of Montenegro, about current events in Montenegro, to convey them optimism, and what I truly believe is that Montenegro is absolutely capable of resolving all its internal issues in a democratic way, in accordance with European standards, thus confirming its essential affiliation to the contemporary European and Euro-Atlantic civilization.”

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