Đukanović: Serbian Orthodox Church is protecting the infrastructure of the great Serbia

President of Montenegro, Mr Milo Đukanović was loud and clear in the Pressing TV show – Serbian Orthodox Church is protecting the infrastructure of great Serbia and they want to keep what they had taken away.

Commenting on the message that Patriarch Irinej addressed, Mr Đukanović says:

“That man said that Serbian people in Montenegro were in the situation worse than at the time of Pavelić’ Croatia and that their position was as bad as it had never been in the entire history. They think that Montenegrin people do not exist, that there’s no Montenegrin culture, that there’s no Montenegrin Orthodox Church, that there’s no Montenegrin identity and that, therefore, independent Montenegro is some temporary construction, product of some immature mature who played with important political questions. In accordance with their fundamental principle,  countries are temporary, the church is older than everything and everybody”, says Mr Đukanović.

With its four dioceses, Serbian Orthodox Church is actually marking the space of the great Serbia and outlining what its mission is. When state policies make a mistake – which is, Montenegrin independence – it is also the mistake of Serbia because it let that happen.

As he says, Serbian Orthodox Church is less religious and more political.

“The Metropolitan bishop Amfilohije enjoys considerable reputation in the Serbian Orthodox Church, and in the orthodox world in general. He has contributed significantly to strengthening the role of the church. However, in the context of the political activities of the church, they have been dealing with political questions more than with the religious ones”, says Mr Đukanović.

They want to keep what they had taken away

What had been taken away from Montenegro, wants to be kept, says Mr Đukanović.

“This is a horrible manipulation aimed at covering up the crime that has been committed to Montenegro – taking away its property”, says Mr Đukanović.

He expects that the Carigrad Patriarchy will recognize the independence of the Montenegrin Orthodox Church.

“Otherwise, I’d be surprised. It’d be in contravention to canons. In 2006, everything changed. Montenegro is an independent country. In accordance with this principle I just mentioned, organization of the state is followed by the organization of the church”, says Mr Đukanović.

Asked about Milorad Dodik, Mr Đukanović says:

“Dodik doesn’t act on the behalf of anybody in Montenegro. It would be the highest degree of stupidity, even when it comes to great pro-Serbian parties in Montenegro. Meanwhile, I understood that Mr Dodik himself protested against inaccurate interpretation of his thoughts. It might be true or not”, says Mr Đukanović.

He reminds that Montenegro really endeavors to maintain peace and stability as oldest interests of the Balkan people, and we can only preserve that if we keep on cherishing multi-ethnic democracy in every Balkan country.

He adds that Mr Dodik used to endorse the idea of Montenegrin independence.

No maps or ideas can jeopardize Montenegro.

“Those maps that have allegedly been defined by Mr Dodik  – that doesn’t bother me. I just don’t like that rhetoric. That doesn’t affect Montenegro at all, it’s just very unpleasant. It brings me back to the 90s”, says Mr Đukanović.

Speaking about the relations with Mr Aleksandar Vučić, Mr Đukanović says they have stable cooperation which is aimed at pursuing their common national interests without compromising others.

He didn’t ask Mr Vučić anything

Why did entire Serbia go against him and put his personality into negative context? Mr Đukanović says he didn’t ask him that.

“I didn’t ask Mr Vučić, because that would be a sign of my weakness. It would mean it affects me or endangers me. No way. Let’s just go back in time a little – there have been at least 10 negative campaigns in my career, just as dirty as this one. Terrible, unfounded. Did such campaigns affect me in any way? No, they did not. That’s the biggest problem of those who believe they can treat me or my country that way. The only think they managed is to consolidate me. They served Montenegro us a drive to achieve great results”, said Mr Đukanović.

If they want to make the same mistake again, they are free to do so.

“Let me answer one of your questions. There’s no such thing as manipulative politics in Đukanović-Vučić co-production. No way. Some Belgrade media and political circles are being misinterpreted on purpose”, said Mr Đukanović.

Déjà vu

What would Montenegro look like a day after Milo Đukanović? President reminded  – they have tried to oust me three times. Nothing would change drastically If I stepped down. Or anybody else, said Mr Đukanović.

He says that it’s a stereotype showing that those people really don’t know Montenegro enough and that they are not familiar with deep changes that took place in the Montenegrin society.

“I really think it’s high time everybody acknowledged that there has been an essential emancipation in Montenegro and that it is underway even today”, says Mr Đukanović.

Everything we have achieved so far, we have achieved alone. No experts came to do that for us.

“Today, Montenegro is a leading country in the EU negotiation process. I don’t know when the EU will be ready to enlarge but the only thing I am sure about is that Montenegro has made such a significant progress that there’s no any doubt about this – Montenegro will be the next EU Member State”.

Balkans is part of Europe

President says that we must all understand that Balkans is part of European continent and European culture.

“Citizens of countries that are not EU members have the same rights as the citizens of EU Member States. Let’s take care of them. There will always be big countries interested in becoming relevant at global level”, says Mr Đukanović.

Journalist asked Mr Đukanović about the amount of money he had.

“The amount a man who does this kind of job can have, no more than that”, said the first man of Montenegro.

It was interesting to hear Mr Đukanović’s opinion about Mr Trump’s statement that Montenegrin people are so aggressive and that country counting only 600.000 inhabitants could provoke Third World War.

“I believe many Montenegrin are proud of the importance that arouse from one such projection”, said Mr Đukanović.


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