€40,87 million from the excise on fuel


From the beginning of the year to the end of April, the state has earned €40,87 million from excise tax on fuel, said the representatives of Ministry of Finance.

The generated revenue is by 3,67% higher than in the first four months last year ( €39,43 million).

“The highest revenue was generated in April, on the basis of excise on mineral oils and their derivatives and it amounted €11,55 million”, said the representatives of the Ministry of Finance.

Excise on eurodiesel amounts €0,44, on eurosuper 98 and 95 it amounts €0,54.

Representatives of the Ministry have said earlier that the decision on the reduction of taxes on fuel requires detailed analyses, especially due to the influence they have on the budget. In accordance with the Government Program for this year, next amendments to the Law on excise are planned to be introduced in the fourth quarter. The excise was changed two years ago when it was 9 cents higher. Revenues generated from mineral oils make up 66,9% of the state budget.

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