Education workers’ strike ends: Union accepts Spajic’s offer, classes to resume tomorrow

Radomir Božović (Foto: Miraš Dušević/CdM)

The Main Board of the Education Union has accepted Prime Minister Milojko Spajic’s offer at today’s telephone session and decided to end the strike. This morning, the Government submitted to the Education Union an agreement according to which the salaries of education workers will be increased by 10% gross as of 1 July 2024, while a cumulative increase of 17% will be applied from the beginning of the new school year.

This was confirmed by the president of the Education Union, Radomir Bozovic, at the press conference.

“The strike committee has decided to end the strike, and classes will resume tomorrow. I can’t say that we are too satisfied, and in the previous period we had an unequal fight. I expect that we will sign the Agreement in the next two or three days”, he said.

According to him, as far as education workers are concerned, the first increase covers part of the year 2024, and the second one next year.

Bozovic stressed that they were brutally attacked by a minority of directors.

“They will be the first to line up to receive what was promised. There were as many strikebreakers among us as you like. When we risked losing our jobs, they sat nicely and chatted over coffee. Unfortunately, we have to move on. We came out neither as winners, nor as losers. We have shown that there is a bright future ahead for this branch”, said Bozovic.

He announced that the Agreement would be signed in the coming days.

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