Electric taxis to enter service on the streets of Podgorica

After the first public electric car charger, Podgorica is now about to get the first electric taxi service. Six Tesla vehicles (Model S) are already in capital, and the luxurious taxi service is expected to start in the forthcoming weeks. According to the Tesla project coordinator, Mr Milan Prodanović, plans are afoot to extend the fleet of Tesla vehicles.

As Mr Prodanović said, ordering taxi rides will be managed through their “TeslagoApp”.

“Given the fact that this is the state-of-the art application of its kind (like Uber and Yandex), enabling high-quality, more transparent and more efficient service, we firmly believe people will acknowledge the benefits and gradually start using the application, following the trend in the world”, explained Mr Prodanović.

Mr Prodanović said that these were very expensive cars and pointed out they had tried to adapt the price to average and make it just slightly higher than it s in other companies.

“In accordance with the new Decision on Taxi Services, minimum prices won’t be in force anymore, and every company will be required to set prices at €0,50. We don’t want to elaborate on that right now, we’ll rather inform clients on the commencement of service provision”, said Mr Prodanović.

He pointed out that Podgorica was the first town in the region to provide Tesla car taxi service.

“Citizens’ awareness is changing and car producers are becoming aware that they should focus on the electric cars sale, as they bring numerous advantages (instant acceleration, no gear shifting, more comfortable driving etc.)”, said Mr Prodanović.

He says that there’s a shortage of electric car chargers in Podgorica, which is the reason why the project of the installation of electric chargers was started six months ago.

“Currently, we own the only fast charger but, with time, that will change”, said Mr Prodanović.


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