Electricity losses cost 14,4 million EUR

foto: Ilustracija

According to the data of Energy Regulatory Agency, losses in the distribution system amounted 14,96% last year.  Losses in the transmission  system, managed by the Montenegrin Electric Transmission System, did not exceed the allowed limit of 3,73%, whereas losses in the distribution system are significantly beyond the allowed 8,43%.

According to the data provided by the Montenegrin electric transmission system and Electricity distribution system (CGES and CEDIS) losses on the grid cost the citizens 14,4 million EUR.

“Losses in the transmission system refer mainly to technical losses. They are losses incurred in the electricity flow through conductors and transformers. Montenegrin Electric Transmission System had the expense of 6.950.435 EUR last year, on the basis of the losses of electricity within the transmission system. The allowed quantity of losses was defined by the application of 8,43% on net distribution expenditure. Prices of energy used for covering the losses were taken from Hupex, as the reference electricity stock, determined by the decision of the Energy Regulatory Agency. Cost on the basis of losses in the distribution system for 2017 amounts 16.310.500.

Representatives of the Energy Regulatory Agency said that prices of allowed losses that users of electricity transmission and electricity distribution system pay, have been determined by the decision of the Agency from 2016. This decision refers to regulatory period from 2017 to 2019.


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