Fifty-one companies generated profit amounting to €156 million

Montenegro berza, foto: Twitter

Of the joint-stock companies whose shares are being traded and that are listed on the Montenegro Stock Exchange, 51 had a completely positive balance sheet in the end of 2018 and generated profit in the amount of €156.1 million, writes Dnevne Novine daily.

The Electric Power Company of Montenegro with its headquarters in Nikšić generated one-third of the total profit of joint stock companies from the Montenegro Stock Exchange, amounting to €57,404,008. It’s followed by Podgorička banka (now member of OTP Group) which made a profit of €10,658,000, while Ersta banka is holding the third position with a profit of €10,232,000.

According to the analysis given in audit reports carried out by advisers and institutions where securities are traded, 32 companies, 11 banks and eight insurance companies generated profit in the end of 2018.

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