Filipović: MNE is facing a series of activities intended to create mayhem

Ljubo Filipović

Montenegro is facing a coordinated month-long disinformation campaign led by Serbia, said a political observer, Mr Ljubo Filipović, on the Živa istina interview show.

“There’s a clear Russian influence in all media outlets. Today we know for sure that the outcomes of the U.S. election and Brexit came because of manipulating users’ data. In Montenegro, 70 percent of citizens spend time on the internet, a large majority on social networks and social networks shape the public opinion and public discourse.“

Montenegro still hasn’t discovered the hub of all these activities, but the Digital Forensic Center is about to reveal all those coordinated activities aimed at creating mayhem and sparkling tensions.

“Here we have the Christian church, while in America, we have an administration where this conservative Christian element is very present, and this is their trump card,“ Filipović said.

In this sense, he recalled that some top clerks of the Serbian Orthodox Church, SPC, in the United States required the U.S. administration to protect them in Montenegro.

When asked how it’s possible that Vijesti, being a key media company of the pro-Serbian, pro-Russian and anti-NATO forces in MNE since 2015, especially ahead of the 2016 elections, is at the same time the partner of the Montenegrin govt and the EC Embassy, he said he wouldn’t go too far with this issue, as it might be about the so-called peer pressure.

“Those things happen in the opposition. Look what happened with Nebojša Medojević. He went into this whole story with people from the New Serbian Democracy presenting himself as a liberal, and now he’s talking about conspiracy theories, Soroshev…“

Vijesti should pay more attention to the current state of affairs on the political stage of MNE, according to him.


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