Georgia inspired by Montenegro’s achievements

Talakvadze i Simović

Vice-President of the Government for Economic Policy and Financial System, Mr Milutin Simović, met with the president of the Parliament of Georgia today, Mr Archil Talakvadze.

Mr Simović thanked Mr Talakvadze for accepting the invitation to come to Montenegro shortly after he was appointed president of the parliament.

Interlocutors stated that Montenegro-Georgia relations were friendly and stable, with room for further improvement in all segments. Mr Simović stressed that he wanted to focus attention to the possibilities for development of economic and trade relations.

“In that context, efficient activities of parliaments in process of ratification and adoption of procedures for the application of agreements signed by governments, are of paramount importance”, said Mr Simović.

He expressed faith that the Consulate of Georgia in Montenegro would be a stimulus to further enhancement of bilateral cooperation through concrete projects.

Mr Simović acquainted his guest with the results Montenegro had achieved in internal and external plan. He emphasized that Montenegro and Georgia shared a lot of things – first and foremost, they are faced with similar challenges in trying to make decisions on their own.

“We want to see out future in European and Euro-Atlantic integration, as part of developed, modern, democratic and economically strong societies”, said Mr Simović.

Mr Talakvadze pointed out that the visit of his delegation was a good opportunity for both countries to enhance exchange and express readiness for cooperation.

“Georgia and Montenegro share the same values and have same aspirations”, said Mr Tlakvadze and added that Montenegro served as an example to Georgia and showed it how strategic goals should be achieved.

He invited Mr Simović to visit Georgia as soon as possible and make contacts with businessmen from Georgia in order to increase economic and trade exchange between the two countries.


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