Good coordination and strong commitment to countering coronavirus

Montenegro is taking adequate measures, there’s an excellent coordination mechanism and strong political commitment of the country, concerning emergency situation at international level in relation to coronavirus outbreak, Mr Abebayehu Assefa Mengistu, representative of sub-regional center of the WHO said in the meeting with Mr Kenan Hrapović, Montenegro’s Health Minister.

During their visit to Montenegro, WHO experts toured border crossings, airport Podgorica and healthcare institutions and considered set of measures and activities that have already been undertaken in relation to the current epidemic moment.

“Generally speaking, I have a very positive impression about the measures taken by the Government. There’s very strong political commitment in the country and that’s most important thing. All coordination mechanisms are activated. Coordination of activities and fact that there’s a special operation plan for response are encouraging”, WHO expert said.

Measures taken at border crossings and at the airport are assessed as positive.

Plans are afoot for the set of measures which are going to improve country’s response to challenges in public health hazards.

It was highlighted that it is necessary to provide financial funds in order to ensure optimal level of preparedness for this health threat.

Minister Hrapović thanked expert team for positive assessment on our country’s preparedness.


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