Govt plans to integrate cinematography into Serbian World

Janko Ljumović

When it comes to the movies, it should be emphasised they’re national when European, and that would be the most significant and most desirable contribution to the Montenegrin cultural identity. It’s evident that the intention is to introduce a system of values that cherishes completely different processes and values. Therefore, the outcome may lead to the integration of cinematography into the Serbian World and trends that are making a new genre – the Orthodox movie -, a professor at the Faculty of Dramatic Arts, Janko Ljumovic, tells Dnevne Novine daily.

He also reminds of the fact that the culture-oriented policy is not in the spotlight of official Brussels.

“When that’s the case, it’s easy to justify the trip to Russia, as well as the creation of an extremely anachronistic model of cultural and educational policy, which is being implemented through the appointment of people connected with the interests of the church and are under its direct influence. The story of European integration and European values thus gives space for platitudes and demagoguery, a story dangerous for civil and modern society and obviously completely out of the focus of the Brussels administration,” he points out.



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