Haradinaj: Times of building walls are distant past

Outgoing Prime Minister of Kosovo, Mr Ramush Haradinaj, said that times of building walls between WB countries were a distant past and that there was no room for hatred and animosity between neighbors.

Commenting on the Mr Nebojša Medojević’s statement, Mr Haradinaj said that Kosovo was cherishing friendly and stable relations with Montenegro.

“The times in which any barriers between WB countries were erected are a past. Kosovo cherishes stable relations with Montenegro and we constantly advocate for expanding economic cooperation and integration into the family of Euro-Atlantic countries. There’s no room for hatred. Therefore, we fervently support progressive forces which are going to further enhance cooperation between our friendly countries. I firmly believe both sides are willing to work on the improvement of our relations”, said Mr Haradinaj

Mr Medojević said earlier that DF wouldn’t recognize any border redrawing that might be at the expense of Montenegro. He explained yesterday that his statement referred to efficient measures that should be taken in order to stop smuggling activities.


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