How successful was the Government of Duško Marković?

Vlada Crne Gore

Montenegro’s NATO membership has been emphasized as the most important result of the two-year long term of office of Duško Marković. The Prime Minister expresses his satisfaction with the achieved results and he said he would keep on working the same way in the forthcoming period. However, not everybody agrees with Duško Marković.

Neđeljko Rudović thinks that the Government failed in many fields.

“The Government is in charge of settling problems, to protect public resources and multiply them, to take care of the safety of citizens and disorganize criminal groups, lower the level of corruption, create new jobs, elevate the standard, improve the healthcare and education system”, says Rudović.

Rudović warns about many segments in which Marković’s Government failed to achieve any of these things.

“How’s our standard? Do we have health care that we pay? Why do our doctors leave? How much does the fuel cost? What are the chances that people have good jobs and decent life? The answer to those questions is known to all those who are affected by such problems, and they know the best whether this Government is successful or incapable. Around 5000 of our citizens who leave Montenegro to never come back would give the best answer. They are the best reflection of the policy that is being conducted in Montenegro”, says Rudović.

Leading party thinks just the opposite. Nikola Gegaj, from DPS, that this Government’s work was an A grade.

“Prime Minister Duško Marković and this Government entered the history by achieving key state interest – accession to NATO. Also, there is the Conference of the US-Adriatic Charter, with the participation of US Vice-President, Mike Pence, and great number of heads of states and Governments of Europe and the world. Seven negotiating chapters have been opened and the Demarcation Agreement with Kosovo has been signed. Economic growth rate is among the highest in the region and in Europe, 4,8%. This is a huge progress made for a short period of time. Hopefully, we will continue forward same way”, says Gegaj.

Leader of the Liberal Party, Andrija Popović, thinks that Government’s work does not deserve to be graded by A, but sees some benefits.

“Economy increased, level of unemployment decreased, investments have grown… We need more investments in the capital, work and productivity. Also, pensions and social benefits should grow”, said Popović.



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