In three years 80 million worth investments


One of the most important priority projects of the Montenegrin Electricity Distribution System (CEDIS) is the modernization of the existing distribution network, reduction of losses and its adaptation to better management and new technological achievements in the world.

Distribution network in Montenegro is very complex and jagged, the equipment is old-fashioned and worn out and, therefore, the fight for reduction of losses is a very long and difficult process that requires huge financial funds.

Investment cycle worth more than 80 million EUR was planned in the next three years. Representatives of the company point out that it is of crucial importance that this ambitious plan is realized fully. It defines priority projects in the primary and secondary network, as well as other investment projects this system needs.

The company has recently been recording reduction in losses which means that the increase has been stopped. Until they are brought to acceptable level, Montenegrin Electricity Distribution System won’t stop.

Modernization of the distribution system and increase of drive readiness is one of the most important prerequisites for successful business of CEDIS.

The very first step in the forthcoming period will be considering introduction of quality monitoring system. This system will enable very important information necessary for further activities.

“In the majority of world companies, there’s a team in charge of monitoring the quality that measures the quality and compares it to international standards in order to get insight into the real situation on their network in comparison to the rest of the world. CEDIS invests great funds in its development and achieves better and better results”, said Mili Čanovć, president of the Board of Directors of CEDIS.

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