Innovations change Montenegro Forum: presenting innovative projects and ideas

The third forum “Innovations change Montenegro” was opened in Podgorica last night, under the financial auspices of the British embassy.

The Forum will present innovative projects and ideas in the domain of education, management and development, human rights and technologies.

British ambassador, Ms Alison Kemp, said that “such events are opportunities to discuss what we all have in common: desire for our country to be modern, more resistant, for our institutions to address the citizens’ needs better and to provide them with better protection”.

“This is just the dawn of digital era. Small states, like Montenegro, invest time to think how we can use the possibilities the era ahead of us offers and that’s a good thing”, said Ms Kemp.

Mr Saša Ivanović, president of the Board of Directors of the Science and Technology Park reminded that 19 PhD scholarships “were awarded last year”.

Mr Ivanović

“This year, another 17 scholarships will be awarded. In addition, there will be a competition next year”, added Mr Ivanović.

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