Is Bosniak Party Airbag for DF’s Entry?

Good morning! The government reshuffle is being talked about more and more often. The focus from the entry of DF is transferred to the entry of Bosniak Party into the executive power. So far, the Democrats are the only ones vocally against it. But not out of principle, but out of fear that their power and blackmail potential will be neutralized by Bosniak Party’s (BS) entry.

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Is Bosniak Party airbag for DF’s entry?

A month ago, we were wondering whether Milan Knezevic would enter the government. So, we puzzled over who would join the Government from DNP and New Serbian Democracy. Their entry, meanwhile, has become normalized. They fulfilled some of the conditions: they renounced Milo Bozovic, began to reorganize the government in Budva, promised that Milan Knezevic would not be a minister. The Government, and therefore the ruling majority, are recording successes at the domestic and international levels. Spajic is praised by the EU, France, Germany… The security sector continues on Dritan’s path. As long as the economy supports it. And why wouldn’t they enter the government? Let’s not lie, they have been in it since 2020. They hold important resources in their hands. They have important cities in their hands. They also rebranded themselves and expelled Nebojsa Medojevic from mainstream politics.

If DF de-radicalizes, and everything is possible, the space opens up for someone else to pick up the scattered and disappointed pro-Russian and pro-Serbian voters, who will not be able to forgive DF the “betrayal of Kosovo and mother Russia”. Will it be the Democrats?

Dragan Krapovic is an excellent candidate for that. If he can be forgiven for his communist background and the shooting of Chetniks in Bar? Yes, if you believe, these things are being talked about in the DF voter base. Whose predecessors were Chetniks, and whose Partisans. Jokes aside, Krapovic reminds us every now and then from the position of Minister of Defense that Serbia is more important to him than NATO allies. Add the news that his party asked that a street in Podgorica be named after Milosevic’s defense minister, and you can see the tendency of the Democrats to turn to the right. Serbian right. The opposition to BS coming into power is proof of that.

Does the Bosniak Party find its place in all of this? The reflex of participation in government forces them to be pragmatic. The question is to what extent they can be pragmatic. It is better for the Bosniak Party to be in power than not to be in power. Although I believe that the equating of the ethnic and the political features is problematic and that the strengthening of the Bosniak Party, like any other party based on ethnic exclusivity (NSD, Albanian parties, CEP…), harms civil Montenegro. But that’s another topic.

Basically, the entry of BS would be beneficial for democracy if it did not lead to further ethno-cartelization of Montenegro, but to the strengthening of the civic character and protection of the national interests of Montenegro. BS had many opportunities to show compromises, but it didn’t. There remains hope that it will stay on that course and not just serve as a safety net for DF to come into power. A glass of honey to make the bitter pill easier to swallow.

Political stability is good when there is quality opposition. DPS keeps its 24%. But there are still so many votes missing to seriously threaten and change the government in the future. DPS does not have the capacity to duplicate its support. And the recipes for new parties on the short leash of the deposed state elites have proven to be ineffective and inefficient.

That’s it for today. We wish you a pleasant rest of the day.

Kind regards,

Ljubomir Filipovic, CdM analyst and columnist

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