Ivan Vuković officially named mayor of Podgorica

Foto: Anadolija

The ruling coalition councilors today elected Ivan Vuković mayor of Podgorica by secret ballot. Vuković is set to replace the incumbent mayor Slavoljub Stijepović, who is going to become secretary general to the president of Montenegro. Vuković has been anointed mayor of the capital after Stijepović resigned from this function, in accordance with the existing legislation. 35 councilors voted in favor of Vuković out of 36 in total, whereas 1 ballot was invalid.

As for the opposition’s councilors, they just left before voting.

The session started with a minute of silence in remembrance of Slobodan Stojanović, ex-president of the Capital City Municipal Assembly. 54 councilors attended the session out of a total of 61 councilors.

And the main goal of the newly-appointed mayor the capital would be its ‘Europeanization’. “Along with further construction of traffic infrastructure and improvement of business opportunities in Podgorica, all with the aim of solving recruitment issues of our residents, the main goal of future administration would be to create new cultural, sports and social contents in our city.”

Vuković has no dilemma about one single thing: Podgorica could easily become one of the most beautiful places for living in the region, and thanks to its favorable geographical position and rich natural resources, the quality of life in this city soon could become ‘European’.

He thanked his predecessor, Slavoljub Stijepović, sincerely for his efforts: “We have been given the privilege of leading the capital, owing to your commitment and responsibility,” concluded the capital’s mayor, Ivan Vuković.

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