Jokić: I am going to file a lawsuit because of unlawful dismissal


Former president of the Municipality of Kotor, VladimirJokić, is going to file lawsuit to the Administrative court with regard to, as he says, unlawful decision on his dismissal that was rendered in the meeting of the local parliament held on Wednesday. Jokić confirmed the information.

“I consider this decision completely unlawful and I’m going to file a lawsuit”, said Jokić.

Vice-President of the Municipality of Kotor, Milivoje Mišo Samardžić (Movement for Changes) said that all municipal services had been functioning yesterday morning and all the employees had been at work.

“I came to work on Thursday and visited all the services of the secretariat. Heads and all the employees were at work, everything was functioning perfectly, except that there’s nobody who would fulfill the responsibilities of the president of the Municipality – sign contracts and decisions on the payment of salaries”, says Mr Samardžić.

Samardžić (Photo: Skala radio)

He added that the dismissal of Jokić had been unlawful. As far as the personal income of employees is concerned, it’s going to be paid “once they come to power”.

“In order for someone to deposit the signature, he/she must be lawfully appointed. Salaries have always been given on the first. This time, employees  will be celebrating Easter without salaries and I am very sorry for that”, said Mr amardžić.

Asked who is managing the meeting of the municipality of Kotor on Wednesday, he said that we should ask Željko Avramović (DPS).

However, Mr Samardžić didn’t want to make predictions about who will have the last word in the denouement of the political situation in Kotor – the court or the Ministry of Public Administration.

“I don’t know what is SDP planning to do, but there are no negotiations with SDP. If there had been possibilities for negotiating with SDP, this wouldn’t be happening now. I’ve been talking since December that we should call for the referendum but nobody stayed consistent. Now, I don’t know where they are headed. Jokić’s been dismissed in an unlawful way, If I wanted to submit my written resignation, I wouldn’t be able to do so. There’s nobody to accept it or reject it”, said Mr Samardžić.

He said that he would come to work the first working day after the holidays.

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