Joković: Without united opposition, protests mean nothing

Vladimir Joković

The fact that only 7 out of 36 signatories to the Agreement on Future came to attend the meeting organized by the “Resist” movement is the best reflection of dissolution in the opposition.

However, representatives of the movement announced new protests in autumn. Now, the question is: What are they trying to achieve with protests which failed to produce results?

As we could see, specific political subjects capitalized on the protests using them for their own promotion and then, all of a sudden, they disappeared.

Leader of Socialist People’s Party, Mr Valdimir Joković, says that this is the wrong moment for talking about protests.

“Without great part of the opposition, protests cannot be effective. Without united opposition, protests mean nothing”, says Mr Joković.

He says that opposition members must act together.

“All together, while sitting at the same table, they should reach an agreement first”,says Mr Joković.

Mr Joković also expressed his opinion about the meeting held on Wednesday.

“Most members who signed the Agreement didn’t come. If there’s no majority, the meeting won’t produce results. That meeting should have been planned better, majority attendance should have been ensured first, a platform for dialogue should have been created. Opposition parties found out that there is a meeting via media and that’s not good. Representatives of the movement should tell why the meeting took place right at this moment”, says Mr Joković.

He says that Socialist People’s Party respects the Agreement and expects everybody to respect it.

He is glad that Democrats decided to take part in the Committee on Comprehensive Reform of Electoral and Other Legislation. However there’s one problem.

“It was agreed with DPS, and DPS is defending Democrats’ views. That’s not good. Nobody knew that. We would have informed our counterparts about that, we would have taken into consideration some other suggestions if we were in place of Democrats”, concluded Mr Joković.


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