Jovanović: Russian spies are moving across Belgrade as if it’s Moscow


The alternative for entering the European Union, EU, are new conflicts on our territory, but this time it could be much more fatal and dramatic than in the 90s, and we know very well what we are capable of when left to cope with problems on our own. This is why I’m talking about peace for years, as something that we must preserve, and we can fight about anything just not peace, says the leader of the Serbian Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), Mr Čeda Jovanović, in an interview for Pobjeda daily.

Commenting on the affairs in the government of Serbia, Mr Jovanović was adamant: “Let the government deal with it on its own. It’s natural to expect that every such affair triggers certain political withdrawals. However, this country, I guess, has some institutions. It has police, prosecutor’s office, judiciary… Regardless of mistrust in all these institutions, I really want to know what their answer would be. That is why I’m cautious when speaking about the affairs because I know very well what it means in Serbia…

If there was any damage to the companies dealing with the weapon export, I want to know that as a citizen.”

On the rule that every kind of failure in politics is happening due to bad media, and that the media, on the other hand, can be purchased easily, he said: “And when were the media free in SRB? In times of Milošević’s regime? Really? Or maybe during Koštunica’s and Tadić’s ruling? Today the fight for media means not to set them free but to put them under control. By saying this, I primarily mean on the part of the opposition that is accusing me in the worst possible manner on a daily basis.”

When asked to say what kind of Serbia we are leaving to our children if the public has been continuously preoccupied with the marginal issues and constant mourning for having enemies thus never celebrating victories, he said: “Which victories? We are continuously cherishing the cult of defeat here. We have nothing to leave to our children but a ruined society that in the end managed to be in conflict with everybody and that never ever asked itself what its own mistakes were.”




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