Kemp: All parties to get involved in the dialogue

British Ambassador to Montenegro, Ms Alison Kemp, says it is essential that all parties get involved in the inclusive dialogue as soon as possible, commenting on the events following the adoption of the Law on Freedom of Religion.

She finds similarities between the situation in Montenegro and the Brexit.

Ms Kemp understands it’s a very emotional issue, having a lot to do with the sense of citizens’ identity.

“I appreciate commitment of the orthodox church to keeping the protests peaceful”, the ambassador said.

She recognizes the efforts that the police devote and reminds that the police said today that they would stop safeguarding religious processions.

“Montenegro has to find balance between police work and protection of fundamental freedoms”, concluded Ms Kemp.

Hybrid threats are nothing new

Speaking about hybrid threats, Ms Kemp said it was nothing new.

“It’s important to work on the freedom of media and responsibility the media assume in reporting data”, Ms Kemp said.

Regarding the forthcoming elections and hybrid threats, Ms Kemp says nothing would surprise her.

Montenegro’s NATO accession was very important.

“Montenegro makes considerable contribution to the Alliance. We are proud to be part of NATO, together with you”, Ms Kemp said.

The ambassador said that GB would continue to support Montenegro on its EU path.

She added that rule of law was key question in the EU accession process.

Commenting on Britain leaving the EU,Ms Kemp said that Brexit had provoked a great deal of excitement.

“A very challenging period lies ahead”, Ms Kemp concluded.


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