Knezevic: I have suspicions that Katnic revealed classified information

Foto: Foto RTCG

President of the parliamentary Security and Defence Committee and the DNP MP, Milan Knezevic, said that accusations of the Chief Special Prosecutor, Milivoje Katnic, suggesting that he had revealed classified information obtained during the session of the committee was a downright lie.

According to him, classified information from the session was presented by Vijesti.

“I’ve suspicions that Milivoje Katnic disclosed it, and I believe that an independent investigation carried out by a new prosecutor’s office will determine the reasons behind it. It’s why I call on competent bodies to open up an investigation into how the information presented before the Committee session got into possession of Vijesti thus aiming to divert the direction of the investigation from Milo Djukanovic and Dusko Markovic. And if I presented classified information, like the SDT claims, and I claim that I did not, I call on Milivoje Katnic to immediately initiate proceedings against me, and I won’t invoke parliamentary immunity,” Mr Knezevic said in a response to the statement of the SDT.


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