Kosovo’s independence likely to happen, Ljuljđuraj says

Kolja Ljuljđuraj

The president of the SNP Committee in Tuzi, Kolja Ljuljđuraj, believes this party should not be involved in the initiative aiming to overrule the govt’s decision on recognition of the state of Kosovo, as this issue has already been determined.

Upon the invitation of the Serb National Council, SNS, a meeting was held yesterday to tackle this matter and the attendees were: president of the SNS, Momčilo Vuksanović, vice-president of the Council, Ljubomir Peković, leaders of the parliamentary parties – Andrija Mandić (NOVA), Vladimir Joković (SNP) and Milan Knežević of the Democratic People’s Party.

Ljuljđuraj said: “Everything has already been arranged by the European Union (EU) and the USA. The SNP represents a civil party and there’s no need to take part in such an initiative. It is just a formality and doesn’t affect anything. We had to hold the meeting as the Serbian Orthodox Church required it.”

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