Krivokapic: My agenda is not against anyone, but to get better country for all of us

Zdravko Krivokapić

On the occasion of 200 days of work of the government, Prime Minister Zdravko Krivokapic notes that there won’t be selective justice or people with privileges, that the government is fully committed to the EU membership and that his agenda is not against anyone, but for the better country for all people in every corner of Montenegro.

PM remembers that when he took over  – on 4 December 2020 – we were in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic with over 10.000 active cases, while our economy recorded a 15.2% drop.

“After only 200 days, thanks to our good governance, we managed to put the epidemic under control,” he says.

In only three months, Montenegro’s public debt has decreased from 103% to 88% of GDP, a result for which many countries need years.

He continued: “We are making an effort to recover the economy, we’re opening borders, are ready for the upcoming tourism season, and only three months since its establishment, the new national airline Air Montenegro has been fully operational.”

The Prime Minister touches on the disputed religious freedom law and the adopted amendments to it, noting that a new era has started in which religious rights and freedoms are completely protected, while churches and religious communities are free to perform their affairs without interference of executive power bodies.


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