Legalization of weekend houses in Žabljak to be allowed


Legalization of illegally built weekend houses in Žabljak and the wider surroundings will be allowed but under certain conditions. Those who started the construction of facilities will be given a period of three years to complete them, according to the draft amendments to the spatial plan of special purpose for the Durmitor area, reported Dnevne Novine daily.

The document does not suggest the number of illegally built facilities, but given the area in question, there are most likely several thousand of buildings, or even more.

The Draft also envisages areas and zones for the legalization of informal settlements, whereas the next phase of urban development of certain areas will define the urban and technical conditions for the legalization of certain facilities.

“In order to define the rules of legalization, it’s necessary to prepare the planning documentation as well as the program of arranging the illegally constructed areas, which would further determine the necessary interventions in facilities, the network of infrastructure installations, possible interventions in the landscape and the assessment of costs for every specific area,” the Draft says.

Three-year deadline

The document proposes a three-year deadline for the completion of construction works on numerous buildings. In case the owners fail to do so, buildings will be ruined.

“Apart from interventions on constructed buildings, there’s a need to deal with the illegal construction. Owners should be given a three-year period to terminate the affairs after which the abandoned buildings should be ruined.”

A public hearing on this document will last until 22 September 2020.





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