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Montenegro has recorded 241 cases of Covid-19 so far. There are over 7.294 people under medical surveillance. The majority of cases are concentrated in the capital, Podgorica. A woman who had tested positive for coronavirus gave birth to a baby in “Codra” hospital yesterday.

Coronavirus in Montenegro: new reported cases/total number of cases by day 

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Honorary president of the Ukrainian construction company ‘Liko-Holding’, Mr Igor Lisov, donated €50.000 to the Government of Montenegro for the fight against Covid-19.


President of Montenegro, Mr Milo Đukanović, sent telegrams of condolences to the United States President, Mr Donald Trump, Queen of the United Kingdom, Elisabeth II, President of Germany, Mr Frank-Walter Steinmeier, King Philippe of Belgium and King of the Netherlands Willem-Alexander  – on the occasion of several thousand coronavirus victims.


Basketball player Nikola Mirotić is helping Montenegro amid the coronavirus crisis.


The coronavirus pandemic is affecting tens of thousands of people, said chair of the Board of Directors of Azmont Investements, Mr Ahmet Erentok, indicating that their priority is to back and ensure the health and safety of staff, clients, business partners and society as whole.


How the strategy of the National Coordination Body is communicated among people is best illustrated with the capital Podgorica today, overcrowded with pedestrians, noted the United Montenegro [in Montenegrin: Ujedinjena Crna Gora], emphasizing that for a moment they really thought the crisis passed and that there was no more danger.


Podgorica police carried out Ms Ljiljana Milanović (59), a wife of Mr Ljubiša Milanović, an advisor in Serbia’s Embassy, into the coronavirus quarantine today for breaking the self-isolation rules, CdM unofficially found out.


Basic State Prosecutor’s Office in Podgorica has issued a bill of indictment against Lj.I., Đ. C.,A.V., S.B., D.R., L.I., S. I. and Z. Đ on suspicion of breaching health regulations on suppression of communicable disease.


Latest figures released by the Public Health Institute show the country now has 241 confirmed coronavirus cases.

Covid-19 in Montenegro: 241 confirmed cases


Domaća Trgovina company, comprising Aroma markets and Conto discount stores, donated 10 tons of food today to the Red Cross of Montenegro.

Domaća Trgovina company donated 10 tons of food to Red Cross


Your pets are happy that you’re home – be a responsible owner during the coronavirus pandemic, the government tweeted.


Podgorica police filed criminal charges against the juveniles B.H. (17) and E.H. (15) on suspicion of attempted theft and breaking restrictions on movement.


General hospital ‘Danilo I’ in Cetinje received a €50.000 donation to help fight the pandemic.


Montenegro Electricity Market Operator, COTEE, will donate €10.000 to the National Coordination Body thus wanting to show solidarity and contribute to the joint fight against Covid-19.


Representatives of trade unions of security institutions in Montenegro, comprising trade unions of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the National Police, the National Safety Authority, the Police Academy and the Army of Montenegro, donated €5.000 to the National Coordination Body for the procurement of protective equipment.


Employees of the EPCG Group – the Electric Power Company of Montenegro, the Montenegrin Power Distribution System (CEDIS) and the Pljevlja Coal Mine, will donate one daily allowance, while managers and boards of directors the entire salary to the National Coordination Body.


There are 19 Covid-19 patients admitted to the Clinical Center of Montenegro. Three are being placed on a ventilator, noted head of the KCCG, Mr Jevto Eraković.



In order to fully inform the public, which has been the target of malicious allegations about the disappearance of two tonnes of medical equipment and various conspiracy theories over the past two days, we wish to announce that all medical equipment Montenegro purchased for the protection of health and lives of citizens is in our country’s possession and most of it has already been delivered, the government said.

Montenegro’s govt: No equipment has been lost


Covid-19 has been accompanied by a conspiracy theory outbreak on many tabloids worldwide.


Berane police punished a driver who was traveling out of his town to another municipality, as he had no necessary documents.


With assistance of the Bar Tourism Organization which provided material, the NGO ‘Women of Bar’ sewed more than 5.000 cloth face masks for municipal staff and Bar residents.


Every man represents an immense value for our country, the prime minister, Mr Duško Marković, noted.

PM Marković to people infected with Covid-19: Every man is an immense value for our country


According to latest data of the Public Health Institute, Montenegro records 239 coronavirus cases.

Coronavirus: Six more cases confirmed in MNE


This is what heroes look like. Please take a closer look! This is how a Podgorica resident described Mihailo and Alisa from Codra hospital, who delivered a baby of a Covid-19 positive woman yesterday.


Coronavirus did not start in the ‘Chinese traditional cuisine’ but it was someone else’s product, claimed Mr Dragan Roganović Šomi, one of Podgorica’s legends.


The government should offer a 3-month package that would cover earnings in the private sector, depending on whether some companies work at all due to the coronavirus pandemic or work, but with lower capacities. The main goal is to preserve their employees and back micro, small and medium-sized enterprises, as they account for 95% of the total number of companies with over 70% employees, Mr Raško Konjević, of the SDP told Dan daily.


Executive director of the Port of Kotor, Mr Branko Kovačević, is self-isolating, as he was in contact with a person tested positive for Covid-19.


Since the coronavirus outbreak in Montenegro, the defender of human rights and freedoms got more than 100 phone calls of citizens mostly complaining about violation of the provisions of the law concerning firing – especially women who are on maternity leave – and generally on the NKT’s temporary measures against Covid-19, defender of human rights and freedoms in Montenegro, Mr Siniša Bjeković, told Pobjeda daily.

Pregnant women hit by job losses during coronavirus outbreak


Proposal for amendments to the law on financing of political entities and election campaigns is just one of many that the govt and the parliament should determine and pass in order to mitigate the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic, Mr Aleksandar Damjanović, an independent parliament member and head of the Specific Caucus said in an interview for Pobjeda daily.


Farmers and cattlemen from Malesija have not been prohibited from the work on their land and need no any kind of confirmation to continue with their job, head of the public utility in Tuzi, Mr Nikola Camaj, claims.


Municipalities of Plav and Gusinje have a stable epidemiological situation, as residents adhere to the prescribed measures.


There is a possibility to convene a session of the Parliament of Montenegro, of course, only concerning regulations directly related to the ongoing situation in the country, Mr Nikola Rakočević, head of the DPS Caucus, told in an interview with Dan daily.


Next weeks, as well as the development of epidemiological situation related to Covid-19 in our country and worldwide will affect the dynamics of oil and gas probes in the Adriatic Sea, the Hydrocarbon Administration stated.

Coronavirus crisis is affecting undersea oil and gas probe as well


When it comes to the coronavirus in the United Arab Emirates, UAE, the epidemiological situation is favorable (they record 1.799 cases and 10 fatalities), and people don’t panic, Mr Rejhan Nišić, who works in the UAE as a math professor, told Dnevne Novine daily.


Mr Nik Đeljošaj, president of the Municipality of Tuzi, says his residents were not leaving their homes, just as was the order, and now they see somewhat lower level of infections. They’ll continue to adhere to the measures, having in mind the positive results they gave.




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