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One death and 69 infected persons – balance of the coronvairus epidemic in Montenegro. Around 6.258 persons are under sanitary watch.

Follow the latest updates on coronvirus in Montenegro.


Session of the National Coordination Body considered report of the Crisis medical headquarters.



Two planes Boeing 737 carrying medical equipment will arrive in Montenegro in the forthcoming days. The first one will bring around 1 million protection masks, over 300.000 gloves, protection medical glasses and around 5.000 coronavirus tests”, CdM finds out.



In this situation, we are learning from the mistakes of others so that we don’t have to learn from our own mistakes. The main mistake everywhere in the world was not taking the situation seriously.


S.O. from Bijelo Polje will be detained for 72 hours in the Basic State Prosecutor’s Office in Bijelo Polje, on suspicion of provoking panic.


Three tones of the necessary medical and protection equipment for our doctors, healthcare workers and members of all services in the front line in the fight against COVID 19 pandemic will be delivered to Montenegro after tomorrow, said today Mr Duško Marković, Montenegro’s Prime Minister, and expressed his gratitude to the man who donated the equipment, Mr Petros Stathis, owner of Adriatic Properties and Universal Capital Bank.



P.M., resident of  Tivat, was imposed 72 hours of detention on suspicion that she committee criminal offence of causing panic and chaos. P.M. published via Viber that one person was infected with coronavirus, which wasn’t true.


Two more persons tested positive for coronavirus, which means there are currently 69 cases in Montenegro. Institute for Public Health analyzed 78 samples and 76 tested negative.



Over the last two days, Police in Podgorica have processed a total of 16 persons left the territory of the Municipality of Tuzi, despite the ban. Nine persons infringed this measure today.


Public service has rejected the request of the Metropolitanate of Montenegro and the Littoral and Diocese of Budimlje and Mileševa for broadcasting worship rites via TV channels, as means for spiritually empowering believers in the period of Easter fasting.


The Capital Plaza and Centre Ville Hotel & Experiences said that they had donated €20.000 for the purchase of respirators, with the aim of helping healthcare system in Montenegro.


Vodovod I Kanalizacija company has introduced new service on its website www.vikpg.me – paying bills online.


Red Cross of Montenegro said that it would receive donation from Montemlin, member of Šajo Group, in the form of 100 tonnes of flour.


Bijelo Polje police took  L.G. to quarantine today and filed criminal charges against him over failure to act upon healthcare regulations for the suppression of dangerous contagious disease.


Making of several hundreds of visors is currently underway in the Competence Center.


Quarantine in Sutomore is functioning perfectly, says president of the Municipality of Bar, Mr Dušan Raičević.


Boarding school of the Police Academy in Danilovgrad has been arranged to be a quarantine  for people who travelled to Montenegro from Paris.



Administration for Food Safety, Veterinary Medicine and Phytosanitary Affairs warns subjects in dealing with food and selling it that they should undertake all the prescribed measures of hygienic food management.



Serbia has kept three respirators which were intended for Montenegro’s purposes, said director of the Healthcare Insurance Fund, Mr Sead Čirgić.



My family and I were lucky to call Montenegro our home for the last six years. In the beginning, we planned to stay for two years only. We stayed in Montenegro because nowhere in  the world can we feel safer, says Mr Daren Evans, retired lieutenant colonel and former military attaché for the US Defense in Montenegro.



A man who passed away in Lazio and was positive for COVID 19 is not Montenegrin citizen, Italian sources have confirmed to Montenegro’s Embassy in Rome.


Residents of Tuzi were provided with medicines today.


Montenegrin national, Ms Maja Miličković, is in Belgrade amid coronavirus epidemic and wants to come back to her homeland. As soon as she enters the country, she will be quarantined. That wouldn’t be a problem for her, if she hadn’t a dog and she is the only person who can take care of it. She makes an appeal to the Government to be provided to be in home isolation so that she can be with her pet.



The best handball player and captain of the representation of Montenegro, Tanja Boka, sent greetings from Philippines and appeal to Montenegrin citizens to stay at home.


Chamber Investment Forum of the WB6 has requested from the EC to exempt all countries in the region from the decision on the restriction of the import of medical equipment from the EU.


On the grounds on one of the decisions rendered by the National Coordination Body, trading facilities and pharmacies in Montenegro will be working from 8 am to 6 pm.



Police officers control who enters and exits the capital.


For the period of self-isolation and stay at home, physical aspects of health must not be neglected. Institute for Public Health has published advice on how to stay physically active during isolation.


Confirmed coornavirus cases in Montenegro rise to 67



Serbia confiscated three respirators which Montenegro had ordered from the representatives of Swedish producer, Farmont.



Dishwashing detergents or detergents for washing clothes, as well as shampoos, are a very efficient cleanser that can eliminate considerable percentage of microorganism, says Dr Ivana Joksimović.


List of Montenegrin musicians who have been contributing to the promotion of the measures imposed by competent authorities has got another name on it – Slobodan Kovačević. This prominent singer and songwriter is one of the symbols of national music stage and he made his contribution to the fight. On his Facebook profile he posted the intro of the song “Stay at home”, conveying strong message flying on the wings of the verses of literature professor, Mr Draško Došljak.


Residents of Tuzi are officially quarantined.



According to the unofficial information, Commander of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Montenegro, Mr Vesko Tomnaović (46) from Bar has resigned after a criminal charges had been filed against him over the infringement of isolation.



Main Special Prosecutor, Mr Milivoje Katnić, said in a statement for Danda that majority of prosecutorial organization was actively engaged in the process of the suppression of the coronavirus.



Dnevne novine team and officers of the Communal police visited yesterday playgrounds in Podgorica, streets and several settlements to make sure that preventive measures imposed by the National Coordination Body are respected.


Two families from Tuzi who have been infected with coronavirus believe they had contracted the virus at the funeral which took place before the measures had been imposed.



Since 17 March, when she received the invitation of the Municipal team for the protection and rescuing, Ms Radojka Tepavac has made and distributed over 1.300 protection masks. Another two women from Tivat work with Radojka in her workshop.


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