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According to latest data of the Public Health Institute, Montenegro records 85 coronavirus cases, while there are 6,278 people under surveillance. The most-affected cities are the capital, Podgorica and Tuzi. President of the National Coordination Body, Mr Milutin Simović, warned yesterday that Montenegro is entering a critical phase, as the epidemic is expected to reach it peak during next week.

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Ultra Montenegro fan club, alongside the Army of Montenegro, prepared Bemax Arena sports center today for the reception of 150 less severe Covid-19 patients, they posted on FB.


As the first Covid-19 case was confirmed in Tivat yesterday, head of Tivat’s General Hospital, Ms Jasminka Anđelić, addressed the residents today, assessing that there’s no need to panic.


Ministry of Education announced the broadcast schedule for the second week of the ‘Learn at Home’ project. The schedule, according to them, is the same for the first five grades.


Public Health Institute has reported no new coronavirus cases in Montenegro for now.

Coronavirus MNE: No new confirmed cases


When the coronavirus crisis ends, the world will never be the same again, and this refers to Montenegro as well. The economic developments will face numerous changes, both in theory and practice, leader of the party ‘Biram Crnu Goru’ [in English: I choose Montenegro], Mr Radomir Novaković, said.


The police of Herceg Novi have filed a criminal charge against a person already known to police for breaking the isolation rules.


In times when we need to show solidarity and have to be especially careful not to violate the already difficult situation amid the coronavirus pandemic, the attitude of state bodies towards the family of Nebojša Medojević is incorrect, and represents an abuse of the current situation, the DF caucus noted in their address to the parliament speaker, Mr Ivan Brajović.


Kotor police caught and legitimized four people in a village cemetery, one of whom was a priest M.B. performing religious ceremony.


The coronavirus pandemic has changed many things. Self-isolation, quarantine, separation from loved ones, a life between four walls, getting used to it. Waiting for all this to pass. Ms Isidora Minić was first isolated in Italy and then quarantined in Podgorica. The coronavirus showed up and changed the lives of all of us, including hers. It’s not easy, she said clearly. But, she found ways to organize her quarantined life lasting for more than 20 days. She’s studying, working out and making up as many obligations as possible just to fulfill her day.


Montenegro’s population is 620.000. We want it [the population] to grow, not to decline, prime minister, Mr Duško Marković, addressed the nation today.

Marković: The hardest days are yet to come


Budva police apprehended a priest for violating the temporary measure against the spread of Covid-19, the National Police tweeted.


Red Cross of Montenegro has been actively providing support to the citizens affected by the coronavirus crisis. A total of 4.750 families have been assisted so far, whereas 2.900 of the most vulnerable ones received care packages. Volunteers went shopping for 950 people (the elderly, people with chronic illness, people with disability or the ones in isolation), while a total of 900 people received a psycho-social support.

Red Cross of Montenegro thankful to all those who have made a donation


Š.K. from Rožaje has been detained for 72 hours, as he was driving two more people with him last night, the Basic Prosecutor’s Office stated.


All city services and companies performed their tasks responsibly thus fully contributing to the current situation.


Clinical Center of Montenegro, KCCG, reported that a 79-year old man tested positive for Covid-19 has died today. They told a patient wasn’t showing signs of an impaired respiratory function and was not a candidate for a ventilator.

A man tested positive for coronavirus dies today. His passing was unrelated to Covid-19


Supplies of medical equipment delivered yestreday to Montenegro by the owner of Adriatic Properties and Universal Capital Bank, UCB, Mr Petros Stathis, have already been distributed to healthcare institutions across Montenegro.

Medical equipment donated by Stathis already distributed to healthcare institutions


As part of the ‘Stay at Home’ campaign, UNICEF and the Association of Parents have launched a challenge #PlayAtHome, and called on parents to send short up to one-minute videos of various games they’re playing with their preschool children.


Political party ‘Biram Crnu Goru’ [In English: I choose Montenegro] proposed several measures that the Montenegrin govt should adopt a.s.a.p.


Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, Mr Miodrag Radunović, told the public broadcaster RTCG that 70 students of medicine have been engaged to assist their colleagues from the Public Health Institute.


Basketball club Budućnost Voli donated €22.000 to the National Coordination Body amid the coronavirus pandemic.


Fifth grade pupils of the Podgorica Primary School ‘Štampar Makarije’ have donated money they collected for visiting Cetinje and the National Museum of Montenegro to the National Coordination Body.

Podgorica fifth grade pupils donated money amid coronavirus pandemic


Montenegro’s Islamic Community, in collaboration with the NGO ‘Horizons’ [in Montenegrin: Horizonti] ensured basic care packages for 200 most vulnerable families from Tuzi.

Islamic Community delivered care packages for 200 families in Tuzi


The State’s support is crucial in this moment so that we can keep our businesses, our jobs and recover from the current situation, owners and managers of companies in the area of hospitality told Pobjeda daily. They said they plan to keep their staff and ensure salaries for them, but require subsidies from the State, as well as the abolishion of certain taxes.


This morning, the Public Health Institute said there are 85 people tested positive for Covid-19, while 6,278 people are under medical surveillance.

Coronavirus latest: Montenegro records 85 cases


All surgeons, anesthesiologists, instrument nurses and midwives of the General Hospital in Bar have been self-isolated. Meanwhile, doctors of the Clinical Center of Montenegro will take over their duties, a manager of the Crisis Operational Staff established by the National Coordination Body, Dr. Ranko Lazović, told Dan, a daily.


Covid-19 has staggered the whole world over the past few months. The number of new Covid-19 deaths and infections surges on a daily basis. And while almost all countries are trying to find ways to stop the spread of the virus, Serbian tabloids appear to have more interesting topics – they’re still obsessed with Montenegro and its president, Milo Đukanović, rather than with the coronavirus pandemic.

Serbian tabloids still targeting Đukanović


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