Mandić and Knežević angry with the Russian ambassador

Mandić i Knežević

Leaders of Democratic Front, Mr Andrija Mandić and Mr Milan Knežević failed to come at the reception organized on the occasion of the Russia Day, held on Tuesday night at the Hilton hotel in Podgorica.

Mr Mandić and Mr Knežević were allegedly invited to the reception but, due to unacceptable behavior of Russian ambassador, Mr Sergej Gricaj, they decided not to attend.

When Special Prosecutor’s Office instituted proceedings against them on suspicion of terrorism attempt, Mr Gricaj didn’t visit them, not even once.

Such strained relations between DF and Russian Embassy continued after the first-instance verdicts had been delivered and when the Russian Embassy failed to pass any comment.

Day of Russia, 12 June, is one of the most important state holidays in Russia. It’s the day when the first Congress of People’s Deputies of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic adopted the Declaration of state sovereignty of Russia.

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