Many types of beaches in Budva available to tourists this summer

Crvena glavica

This summer tourists will have 139 bathing areas in Budva at their disposal : 22 hotel bathing areas, 88 family bathing areas, 4 romantic, one party area, 8 excursion areas, 2 pet friendly bathing areas and one location intended for dogs only.

There are also nine beaches with no equipment, two beaches for active rest, two nudist beaches and one beach for children resort.

Romantic areas in Budva are located on the Island of Saint Nikola, Malaya Beach, Reževići and Bršalj in Petrovac.

Party bathing area is located in Kamenovo, where the noise doesn’t affect the surrounding areas.

There are two excursion areas on the islabd of Saint Nikola, at Jaz beach, in Golubinj, Drobni Pijesak, Veizorovo ribarište and Crvena Stijena (Red Rock). They are accessible from the water only, and are suitable for excursions and picnics.

Bathing areas for pets are Buljarica and Slovenska plaža, and there’s also an area for dog-bathing, which isn’t designated as bathing area.

Bathing areas without beach equipment are Saint Nikola, Slovenska plaža neat Park hotel, Bečići, Pržno.east, Saint Stephen and part of the beach in Petrovac.

Two diving areas at the Jaz beach and Slovenska plaža are the areas for active rest.

Nudist beaches are Jaz – Žuta greda and Crvena Glavica, whereas the children resort is located in  Bečići.

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