Marković calls for dialogue

Marković calls for dialogue
Duško Marković

Prime Minister, Mr Duško Marković, sent a letter today to relevant political and social factors, inviting them to discuss all issue that might help them overcome divisions.

“Montenegro’s EU membership and its importance for the future of our country transcends all political interests. It’s up to us to put additional effort and try to reach political consensus on this essential issue”, reads Mr Marković’s letter.

Part of that is definitely the dialogue and agreement on the electoral legislation and related conditions for the elections.

In that context, we are ready for the open and honest conversation and agreement, so we can further improve legislative and other preconditions in relation to election process”, said Mr Marković.

Mr Marković firmly believes that political consensus and compromise is expected by everyone.

Mr Marković stated that democratic elections were in accordance with international standards.

“Although the Government assumes most responsibility, opposition has it too”, says Mr Marković in his letter.

“That’s why we are ready for the dialogue and the compromise on this and other issues relevant to our citizens”, concludes Mr Marković in his letter.


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